10 healthy Instagram accounts to follow.

I’m addicted to Instagram- it’s fun, addictive, and inspirational. Mainly I follow food people as it’s such a powerful platform to share amazing imagery, so the two combined is just feeding all of my senses. You can never follow too many wellness warriors, who doesn’t need a bit of a motivation, daily. Enjoy!

1. thesimpleveganista

This account is from Julie West and it’s a combination of vegan and raw recipes. Not only does she photograph the wonderous dishes so well, she keeps it simple. Carrots never looked so sexy.

2.  Tim Mazurek

He is the man behind Lottie + Doof; the holy grail of excellent recipes and narrative, most notable are his Italian creations.

ella 1


3. DeliciouslyElla

I don’t think I need to even say anything about this one. You know her.

4. livegreenhealthy

One of the best of the best. Feast.

avo pls

5. nutitionstripped

Plant based, gluten free and a smoothie lover.

6. thewholefooddiary

“Our husband and wife journey in loving our bodies with what we love to eat.”

7. julieskitchen

Presented like no other, and modest too. From an iPhone 5.


8. helmsleyhemsley

Sisters making whole food recipes and just being babes.

9. katielaurentaylor

Our resident blogger. Say no more.


Paris Bielby


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