Honey-roasted radishes

Anna Jones: Glazed Radishes

This is from the new vegetarian cookbook by Anna Jones, A Modern Way To Eat, jam packed with recipes that pleasantly surprised our keen eyes. Many recipes falling into the vegan category, or it would be vegan if we replace a single item. All beautifully presentation with imaginative uses of certain ingredients, which is exactly why we’re having a bit of a rave over Anna. Here’s some vegan safe ones.


 Glazed Radishes:


Avocado Please

Image: Brian Ferry


Roasting radishes turns them into something new – it mellows their punch, and they turn the most beautiful cerise colour. I roast mine with honey and some lemon juice.

Don’t waste the tops, as they can be tossed through the roasted radishes to pep them up and provide beautiful contrast to the neon pink.

Serves 4
radishes 2 bunches, with their tops
sea salt a good pinch
olive oil
honey or agave syrup 1 tbsp
lemon juice of 1

Preheat your oven to 220C/gas mark 7.

Trim the leaves from the radishes and give both leaves and radishes a good wash. Put the leaves to one side for later. Halve the radishes and tumble on to a baking tray with a good pinch of salt and some olive oil, then drizzle over the honey or syrup and squeeze over the lemon juice. Roast in the oven for 15 minutes, until just softened and starting to brown.

Take the radishes out of the oven and toss with radish tops and a little more good olive oil, then taste and add a little more salt and pepper if needed.



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