Beetroot & Quinoa Porridge, with Ginger & Apple Sprinkle

The first recipe in our Vegessential series. Why beetroot?

Beetroot is low in fat, high in minerals and packed with powerful antioxidants; a true health food titan. Beets have long been used for medical purposes — primarily for liver detoxification — whilst also boasting a rich fibre content, high levels of glutamine, benefits for the intestine and also research it’s proven to lower blood pressure.

What we also love about the purple little ball is that it’s so versatile in the kitchen; the distinctive earthly tones blend so well with both sweet and savoury foods, in addition to hot and cold dishes. In general, it tends to go quite far, it’s inexpensive and readily available, which is another reason to flex your creativity with the humble beet.
What we’re doing with Vegessential?

Within this series we’re bringing together beetroot based dishes that can be eaten at different times of the day, combining lots of textures and flavours, but primarily showing you how versatile they can be.
The dish:

Because we’re hungry girls this dish is designed to be a hearty breakfast, however what’s also so wonderful about it is it’s versatility; it can be hot, cold, for breakfast, a dessert or even just as a snack. You can prepare it and leave it in the fridge or covered over, it will keep fairly well for a couple of days. You might even want to add further milk to it making it into a rich cereal. (The recipe can be adapted and made sweeter by adding extra apple, some cinnamon, nutmeg or even a shake of coconut sugar.)




2 beetroot heads

300g quinoa

3 apples finely sliced

grated ginger (depending on how fiery you like it be accommodating- but remember to save some for the final serve)

half a litre of almond milk (oat or rice would be fine, but we chose almond because gives it richness – maybe make your own, with our step by step guide)

A healthy drizzle of Biona Organic rice syrup


Put the oven to 150 degrees and heat for 10 minutes. While that’s warming slice the beets and put into a baking tray, drizzle with rice syrup and pop in the oven. Grate and slice the apples and ginger; set aside.

Boil the quinoa with a combination of water and almond milk, keep adding and stirring until cooked. Once done, stir in the grated apple and ginger — this may be a good time to add further syrup/ sugar/ spices to your personal preference.

Your beets should be done now, pop them on top and sprinkle with further ginger and apple.

Recipe: Paris Bielby & Katie Taylor | Images: Katie Taylor