A series of sides: Carrot & Fennel Balls

After the Wriggle team — the guys behind the trendy London and Bristol on-the-day offers app — came to me for a Christmas recipe series, it conjured up thoughts of frivolous, festive, gluttony. This got me thinking: which dishes will be seasonal, versatile, plant-based and carnivore friendly, too? Well, the sides of course! And that was the beginning of the Christmas Side Series.

I hope that, through this celebration of side dishes, we can spruce up your festive menus, provide alternatives for the fussier palate, or simply provide an easy accompaniment to the leftover nut roast.


The red root can often be overlooked which is a shame as they can boast such a wealth of versatility, naturally high amounts of Vitamin A, fibre and that natural sugary sweetness. Aside from roasting and gratin’s there isn’t usually much made of them; whereas the carrot and fennel seeds balls can easily be made in mass batches, safe for freezing or just grazing on as a snack or with different meals.


The aniseed flavouring of the fennel seeds combines really well with the creamy undertones of tahini and the powerful sweetness of the carrot — the balls have quite a aromatic and herbal flavour, meaning they team up with a world of leftovers, an overload of kale or simply on the side roasted vegetables, seeds and perhaps some rosemary gravy. If fennel is a little overpowering for your palate it can easily replaces with thyme, tarragon or doubling up your tahini. The sides are about being creative and versatile — both in their pairing with other foods and their ease for tweaking here and there. Get creative and enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

Love, Avocado Please & Wriggle.





Here’s a video of what we got up to on shoot….

Recipe: Paris Bielby | Images: Daniel Waller | Graphic: Aurora Steen


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