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A ‘smellie’ was always something my grandma would give me, generally being a piece of material stuffed with lavender, and that was one of about three beauty items to be used; along with a striking but wearable red lip and a slick of mascara. However times have changed and now there’s serums, eye creams and injector pens for almost anything; I don’t even flinch when primer is replaced with bb cream, that’s then replaced by cc cream. And so it seems, neither do you.

Indulging in the “little luxuries” is a trend that has stuck; the UK was the fastest growing luxury beauty market in Western Europe between 2012 and 2013. But, with so much fancy jargon, limitless choice and super brands sprouting up here, there and everywhere, it’s difficult to actually know what’s worth it — especially when £150 is labelled on a face serum. A face serum. For. £150. Having said that, I realise that not everybody falls into this bracket and likes a mixture of both: the ultimate lux and the £50 is luxury far and few between l-u-x. This is why I like it when you can sometimes find the balance of something that straddles the two: A worthy luxury that’s natural too.

Lola’s Apothecary: It sounds so sweet and quaint that you’d image it is a new child’s set or something. But it’s not, it’s wonderful. It’s a venture by Lola and Dominic in their rural farm house, Devon — cleverly ticking all the boxes of a sophisticated pamper product, but with all the necessities for vegans and health bods alike. The packaging is cute but user friendly. The tops pop and it’s simple, while the dried rose petals lounge  in the bottle of oil. Each product has an element of hand made love, but quality that rivals the big brands like Neal’s Yard and Cowshed.

Indulging in the Rose & Geranium Body Oil was not a disappointment. A small rub after a bath or shower and I feel like a flower. Containing all natural ingredients — and a high percentage being rose hips and almond oil — it’s a dream for drier summer skin. Even the next day the scent of rose wafts around. At £32 it is also very reasonable price for the pack of rose based punch you receive; performing the perfect straddle. My advice is, snap Lola up before Space NK get their paws on her.

Available on their website for full range and stockist details.

Words: Paris Bielby | Picture: Lola’s Apothecary




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