Red Cabbage & Rose Grapefruit Salad

Bringing this dish together is not only very fun and playful, it’s also super easy. There’s no rush to bring any of the elements together and it doesn’t even have to be served immediately — just hold off on the rose petals until then.

The sour tones of the grapefruit are balanced against the sweet crunch of the caramelised beansprouts; but should you prefer a sweeter serve, you can replace the grapefruit with orange or a sweet dress.

This is a playful and pretty dish, so ultimately just have fun with it!



1/4 pickled red cabbage *

1 medium pink grapefruit

1 small fennel bulb

organic brown sugar

100g bean sprout shoots

dried rose petals


To caramelise the bean sprouts, place them in a shallow frying pan half full of water and sugar (approximately 4 tbl spoons) for between 5 – 7 minutes. Once dried and crisp, remove and separate with fingers; by separating them now they will prize apart easier and it will save time in the long run.

Finely slice the fennel and set aside. Drain the cabbage and set aside, ensuring the water has dripped off before serve. Segment the grapefruit and arrange the ingredients on the plate. To garnish, sprinkle with rose petals.






Recipe & Images: Paris Bielby